Lower Austria's most innovative digitization projects awarded

St. Pölten (OTS / NLK) - With the funding campaign "digi4Wirtschaft", the state of Lower Austria and the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce have given companies new innovation and future prospects in a challenging time and further accelerated digitization in Lower Austria. The three smartest digitization projects have now been selected from over 1.500 submitted projects.

“Innovative entrepreneurs strengthen our business location and make it fit for the future. We want to take this digitization momentum with us out of the crisis and use it as a turbo to get started again ”, said Jochen Danninger, President of Economic Affairs and Digitization, and Wolfgang Ecker, President of the WKNÖ, in the course of the award ceremony.

STEINBOCK All Zweckzelte GmbH with the project "Pole handling by robots", stone4you eU with an interactive 3D visualization of various natural stones and the Zeiner family from Zeillerner Mostg'wölb with the project "Schmankerl around the clock" were awarded during the virtual award ceremony. A jury made up of experts from the state of Lower Austria and the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce selected twelve exciting digitization projects from the submitted projects. On www.virtuelleshaus.at Visitors were able to vote which project they like best and thus determined the three winning projects.

The aim of the “digi4wirtschaft” funding campaign was to further develop the Lower Austrian corporate landscape in order to make the best possible use of the potential of digitization. “Around 1.530 applications were submitted as part of the funding campaign, over 1.000 of which have already been approved and the remaining applications are currently being processed. With the 20 million euros in funding, 50 million euros in investments are made possible. A great success for an initiative where our aim was to support our companies in switching to the digital world. It appears:
Companies that rely on digitization will get through the crisis more easily, ”informed Jochen Danninger, State Councilor for Digitization.

WKNÖ President Wolfgang Ecker emphasized: “The wide range of projects submitted shows the enormous innovation potential that we have here in Lower Austria. With the digi4wirtschaft funding package, the dynamic development of digitization in Lower Austria was given further impetus and the domestic corporate landscape was strengthened. The associated opportunities of digitization must be used. Investments in digitization are a key lever for getting started and decisive for competitiveness. "

As part of a festive online award ceremony, State Councilor Danninger and WKNÖ President Ecker, Kerstin Koren, Head of the Economics, Tourism and Technology Department of the Lower Austrian State Government, WKNÖ Director Johannes Schedlbauer and ecoplus Managing Director Helmut Miernicki honored the winning projects. With the House of Digitization there is a showcase in Lower Austria to present particularly innovative projects from the federal state. We are therefore continuing this campaign under the title “Showcase Network House of Digitization” and a new, exciting company project will be highlighted once a month. Until 2023 www.virtuelleshaus.at, from 2023 also in real life in the House of Digitization in Tulln.

More information: Markus Stein Maßl, ecoplus, 02742 / 9000-19619, m.steinmassl@ecoplus.at; Andreas Csar, Office LR Jochen Danninger, 02742 / 9005-12253, andreas.csar@ecoplus.at; Nina Gamsjäger, Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce, 02742 / 851-14110, nina.gamsjaeger@wknoe.at.