“Not enough” to “highly problematic” - opposition fires against the federal government's corona policy

See in the video: “Not enough” to “highly problematic” - opposition parties are firing against the federal government's corona policy.

Original sound Alice Weidel (AfD), parliamentary group leader: “Your distrust of the citizens and the democratic and constitutional institutions clearly led your hand in this legislative proposal. You distrust the citizens. That's why they want to cage her during the day and lock her up at night. They distrust the federal states and municipalities. That is why they put the ax to the roots of the federal architecture of the Federal Republic and disempower prime ministers, district administrators and mayors by federal law. They distrust the courts, the appointed inspectors of state action. That is why they are neutralizing the local and administrative courts through centralization. Possibly because they recently overturned some of their encroachments on civil rights. "
O-Ton Christian Lindner (FDP), parliamentary group chairman: "Because if you do not address these concerns, which are not only raised by us, we will see ourselves forced from the FDP parliamentary group to go to Karlsruhe by way of constitutional complaints walk. Incidentally, this exit restriction is not only highly problematic under constitutional law. Yesterday, I believe, my colleague Lauterbach realistically pointed out that due to the incidence of hundreds and the way in which this emergency brake is now to be triggered automatically, there could be a curfew in many places over many weeks. "
Quote Dietmar Bartsch (Die Linke), parliamentary group chairman: “22 percent of Americans are now fully vaccinated. 57 percent of Israelis, 24 percent of Chileans. And here? The central point why Germany is even below the EU average when it comes to vaccination is due to its vaccination failure and bureaucracy. Ordered four months late. Those are the four months that are now making it particularly difficult for the citizens, ladies and gentlemen. That is the real situation. "
O-Ton Katrin Göring-Eckardt (Greens), parliamentary group leader: “The law that we are discussing here today is not enough. It's not enough to really break the third wave. Do not do all that, Ms. Merkel, what she said here this morning. And all of us here, except for a few notorious deniers or lateral ideologues, know we have to do more to really and permanently bring the numbers down. So far it is an infection protection law that does not protect sufficiently. It's not consistent enough. It’s too late. It's a stopgap. And it's not the much-needed strategy for the next few months. With step-by-step plans, with a view, with clarity as to what has to be closed and what can be opened when. "