News in the morning - news from July 12, 2021

What is important

Italy is European champion. 25 years after his missed penalty at Wembley Stadium, England coach Gareth Southgate lost the European Championship final in a similarly dramatic way. Italy celebrates, England's national trauma lives on. Go to Article

Populists lead the parliamentary elections in Bulgaria. In the second election in three months, entertainer Slavi Trifonov's party is forecast to get around 24 percent of the vote. The party of the long-time Prime Minister Borisov would therefore come to around 23 percent. If the forecasts are confirmed, it would be Borissov's GERB's first election defeat since 2009. Go to Article

Suspected mastermind of presidential murder arrested in Haiti. Police chief Léon Charles says the man wanted to take power in Haiti. He names the name of a doctor who lives in the US state of Florida - it is still unclear whether this doctor is actually responsible. Go to Article

EXCLUSIVE EU Commission wants to promote the expansion of the infrastructure for electromobility. The committee wants to expand the charging network in Europe quickly: charging points are to be created by regulation. The capacity is linked to the sale of e-cars. Go to Article

Bayern-AfD argues about the shadow man. With funds from dubious sources, a consultant is said to have tried for years to have a massive influence on the party's personnel orientation. Critics are therefore now contesting the Bavarian Bundestag list: The place of state chief Miazga should be re-elected. Go to Article

News about the Corona crisis

EXCLUSIVE Hospitals see bad times ahead. The corona crisis is causing many clinic managers to fear for the economic future of their houses. In a study by the management consultancy Roland Berger, more than half of the 600 clinic managers surveyed expect a decline in sales this year. 83 percent even expect the economic situation of hospitals to worsen in the next five years. Go to Article

Seven-day incidence increases for the sixth day in a row. The incidence is 6,4. The health authorities have reported 324 new corona infections. Health Minister Spahn obliges the clinics to provide more precise information about all corona cases treated. Go to Article

Best things

Research instead of rule. Ever since Akihito was allowed to abdicate as Emperor of Japan, he has been a happy and busy retiree - with a very special passion. Go to Article