New gas pipeline laid through the Elbe north of Riesa

A new gas pipeline has been laid through the Elbe near Zeithain north of Riesa. "Everything went smoothly," said a spokesman for Ontras Gastransport GmbH on Thursday. The laying of the so-called culvert, which is more than 200 meters long, took just under an hour and a half. The ship excavators had been busy digging a channel for the Elbe crossing since March. At the deepest point it is about four meters deep. With the help of heavy equipment and a cable winch, the concrete-coated pipe string weighing almost 80 tons was pulled through the Elbe. Most of the time, smaller streams or rivers are crossed for the renewal of the gas pipeline, this dimension is rather rare, according to the Ontras spokesman.

Ontras Gastransport GmbH has been renewing the Saxon section of the gas pipeline over a length of around 2020 kilometers between Lauchhamer and Strehla since the beginning of 45. About 35 kilometers have to be completely re-laid. The aim is to modernize the long-distance gas and connection lines and thus secure the supply of natural gas and biomethane, it said.