Nepp to GESIBA: Kathrin Gaal has to commission special tests

Total regulator failure is widening

Vienna (OTS) - "The latest revelations by the Court of Auditors make special audits by GESIBA and the Sozialbau-Verbund inevitable," calls on Vienna's FPÖ state party chairman and city councilor Dominik Nepp, SPÖ councilor for housing, Gaal.

“Yes, it's a business crime story in Mattersburg. But the details raised by the Court of Auditors make it finally necessary to shed light on the responsibility of the company's management, ”adds Nepp. “Gaal's argument has collapsed. Why has the supervisory authority remained and remains inactive? ”, Nepp demands special audits by the auditing association.

“It's about consistent and comprehensive education. The state government is legally responsible for this and here we Gaal will not be released from their duties, ”concludes Nepp and announces initiatives in the town hall.

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