With Alfred Stern, new opportunities also for Linz and Upper Austria

Initiative Wirtschaftsstandort OÖ welcomes the OMV decision

Linz (OTS) - "With the appointment of Alfred Stern as the new OMV Executive Board, the Supervisory Board has made a future-oriented decision for Upper Austria as a business location," said Gottfried Kneifel, Managing Director of the Initiative Wirtschaftsstandort OÖ (IWS), welcoming the current OMV decision. As Borealis CEO of many years and internationally experienced, Stern has all the skills to support the transformation of Austria's largest company into a secure future as a global chemical company. The Borealis Research Center in Linz - by the way, a joint initiative of the then Upper Austrian. Economic Councilor Christoph Leitl and the former OMV CEO Gerhard Roiss - will therefore play an important role in this. “Not only the republic as the largest single shareholder, but also Upper Austria as a business location will benefit from the new personnel setting with Alfred Stern at the top of OMV,” said Kneifel.

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Upper Austrian business location initiative
Prof. Gottfried Kneifel
IWS managing director