Mike Pence: Former US Vice President has a pacemaker implanted

Former US Vice President Mike Pence has had a pacemaker inserted. The reason was a slow heart rate in the 61-year-old, as his office explained. Pence is expected to "recover fully and return to normal activity in the coming days."

Pence had already declared before the 2016 presidential election that he had asymptomatic left bundle branch block. This is a problem with the impulses that make the heart beat. The Republican now underwent the "routine procedure" in a clinic in the state Virginia.

The ultra-conservative politician had the former president <br><br>Donald Trump Served faithfully as a substitute for four years. In Trump's final months in office however, the relationship deterioratedafter Pence refused to confirm the president-elect Joe Biden block by Congress.

Since Biden took office, it has largely become quiet about Pence. The former governor of the state Indiana ambitions for a presidential candidacy in 2024 are said to be. It was recently revealed that Pence has signed a contract for an autobiography due out in 2023.