Merz stands behind Laschet on the K question - and warns of a green chancellor

CDU / CSU Merz stands behind Laschet on the K question - and warns of a green chancellor

CDU / CSU: Merz stands behind Laschet on the K question - and warns of a green chancellor
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The race for the Union's candidacy for chancellor has still not been decided. CDU chairman Armin Laschet and the CSU chairman Markus Söder Both claim for themselves to lead the Union in the federal election and to inherit Chancellor Angela Merkel. Laschet and Söder announced on Tuesday evening after the CDU / CSU parliamentary group meeting that they would agree on the Union's candidacy for chancellor this week. In an hour-long debate in the Union parliamentary group, several dozen MPs had taken a position for Laschet or Söder - according to participants, significantly more parliamentarians were in favor of the CSU boss. Above all, it played a role with which concept the Union should best position itself for the Bundestag election. According to the participants, Söder again referred to the poll results that were good for him. Laschet, on the other hand, emphasized that it was important to unite the Union across the board, and warned the CSU chief not to ingratiate himself with the Greens.

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The question of the candidate for chancellor divides the Union. Laschet or Söder? Friedrich Merz now called for a quick agreement - and stands behind his party colleague Laschet. At the same time he warned against a green Chancellor Baerbock.

Ex-Union faction leader Friedrich Merz (CDU) calls for a quick agreement of the Union on the chancellor question with a view to the upcoming federal elections. The Union is only three percentage points away from a green Chancellor Baerbock, he said on Wednesday in Germany Radio. This is the greatest challenge.

CDU boss Armin Laschet and CSU chairman Markus Söder should present a proposal by the end of the week. Laschet was elected CDU party chairman in January with just under 83 percent, according to Merz. It was clear that the party chairmanship also meant the candidacy for chancellor, he said with regard to the mood in the group. 

Friedrich Merz with questions to the CSU

Merz has again supported Laschet's candidacy for chancellor - and warned the CSU not to decisively weaken the Union in the election campaign. "With all understanding for the CSU and its chairman: Does the CSU realize what it means to dismantle the next CDU party chairman within a few weeks?" Wrote Merz, who was defeated against Laschet in the fight for the chairmanship an email to his followers. First, the editorial network Germany reported on the mail.

“Does the CSU really want to campaign with such a weakened CDU,” Merz asked. Addressing the CSU, he wrote whether the CDU should “just elect the third chairman within a good two years”. And: “Is the CSU indifferent to the fate of the CDU-led state government in North Rhine-Westphalia? I can't really imagine all of that. " 

CDU / CSU: Merz stands behind Laschet on the K question - and warns of a green chancellor

CSU question "vote of the highest management body of the CDU"

Laschet is "not the favorite in the polls", there is also in the CDU Reservations about him, wrote Merz. Every applicant brings strengths and weaknesses into the struggle for high political office. But the CDU presidium and federal executive board unanimously supported Laschet's application for the candidacy for chancellor on Monday. And CSU boss Markus Söder promised on Sunday to accept a CDU vote for Laschet. Merz added that the decision between the CDU and CSU could have been made by mutual agreement.

The Christian Social Union but I question "the vote of the highest management body of the CDU", criticized Merz. It is right that one has to listen to the parliamentary group and take into account the votes of the voters. In a good five months, however, the federal elections would take place, in four months the postal votes would begin. “And the Union is in no way prepared for this election, neither in terms of personnel nor in terms of content. Now it's getting critical, ”warned Merz.

It may be that today more than 20 years ago it depends on individual people "and on short-term media performance, more than on convictions and fundamental principles", wrote Merz. "But it remains - hopefully - a brand essence of the Union: that it is also ready to oppose the often very fleeting spirit of the times and to put its grown values ​​above its own person."

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