Media - The TV winners of the men's soccer championships

The TV winners of the men's soccer championships

The ARD presenter Jessy Wellmer and one of her colleagues

Photo: Moritz Müller / IMAGO

When the European Football Championship comes to an end these days, it will be settled again. One thing is clear anyway: the German team didn't make it. It is more exciting to look back at the reporting on the event. Was everything really as bad here as the umpteen shitstorms against moderators, experts and commentators suggest?

Hardly a day went by on which the staff of ARD and ZDF were accused of being ignorant or inappropriate when commenting on a kick. At least it can be said: on the whole, the female and male experts lost their fat to a similar extent. None of them can, regardless of whether they are men or women. That is almost a step forward compared to the times when only one woman had to appear on the scene and was immediately shouted: What does she want in men's football ?!

However, when a women's tandem took over the screen on ZDF with Claudia Neumann as commentator and soccer world champion Ariane Hingst as an expert, the hateful comments exploded on social media. After all, the ZDF social media team parried confidently. If you take a more differentiated look, you can see that when judging female TV experts, things are still rougher and sexist. Neumann has been working as a live commentator at international men's tournaments for five years. As soon as she audibly accompanies an event in the penalty area, some tweet their fingers sore, listen to their voice (everything from “too shrill” to “too deep” is included) and write that they never want to see this woman on TV again. The criticism of her male colleagues is more relevant. Tom Bartels, for example, did not have to hear that he had no footballing expertise, only that when the Danish team won over the one from Russia, he kept his fingers crossed for the Danes too much.

Apart from that, gender-wise, to a certain extent, everyone was dragged on. In the hit list of the worst experts, Bastian Schweinsteiger is actually basically sympathetic, but he really couldn't formulate a single thought about the soccer game you just watched that you couldn't have had yourself even as the greatest layman. On the other hand, ARD expert Almuth Schult received unison praise, even the picture found nothing to complain about in the TV appearance of the goalkeeper of VfL Wolfsburg. Loser among the moderators, on the other hand: Jessy Wellmer. Her male colleagues also tend to be buddies and do not always seem well prepared in "field" interviews. But your question "All's well that ends well?" to a visibly confused national coach Jogi Löw immediately after the defeat against England, which also meant the end of his term of office, is already historic.

So all in all: A draw between men and women was achieved in the reporting. Since this cannot happen in a tournament in knockout mode, the decision must be made in extra time or, if you will, in the media penalty shoot-out. The ARD Sportschau Club is ideal for this, as it helped the television audience to slowly dusk after the games. Micky Beisenherz and Esther Sedlaczek received guests of all kinds here and talked about trivialities. While Beisenherz was unable to present any of his shallow jokes without having to look carefully at his slip of paper, Sedlaczek moderated everything relatively easily. Conclusion: a narrow victory for the television women.