Markus Söder wants a joint solution with Armin Laschet when it comes to K questions

After the debate in the Union parliamentary group on the K question, CSU boss Markus Söder now talks with the CDU boss Armin Laschet announced and promised a joint, good solution. "It's only possible together, and only if we come to an understanding," said Söder, according to participants, on Tuesday evening at the end of the debate. He will "do everything we can to ensure that we come to a good solution in the end." One should now find a "common way".

According to the participants, Söder was "impressed", touched and moved by the debate. It is no harm that MPs have a say, he said.

The two opponents announced that they want to agree on the Union's candidacy for chancellor this week. “You have to let the result sink in now, for each and every one. Armin and I have agreed that we will also finally discuss how things will go on this week, «said Söder.

"I think that gave a very good picture of the opinion."

It was a "very good discussion," said Laschet. "I think that gave a very good opinion." There was a message in all of the verbal contributions: "Agree quickly." This is also his goal, Laschet emphasized. "I want us to come to a good decision very quickly, very soon, this week if possible."

The opinion of the group must definitely be included in the decision on the candidate for chancellor, said Laschet. There were requests to speak both for him and for Söder. "Nobody emerges strengthened or weakened from it," said the CDU chief to the almost four-hour deliberations. He will speak to Söder very often in the coming hours and days.

"That was a very, very important moment now," said Söder. “It was important that we could hear the MPs in a level of detail that I believe is rarely possible and rarely the case. A lot of votes from the base were reported, and I think it was a good discussion overall. "It was right to go to the parliamentary group, said Söder, and added:" Just as it was right that we didn't have any Have made a vote, but have obtained a clear opinion. "

"The great chancellors weren't always the darlings of the media"

After Laschet and Söder had spoken in front of the parliamentary group, a debate broke out Was described as "very emotional". There was therefore broad support for Söder. Several MPs also spoke out in favor of Laschet.

CDU boss Laschet attacked CSU boss Söder again at the end of the hearing in the parliamentary group. "The great chancellors were not always the darlings of the media," he said after information from participants. “I believe that my positions are permanently correct.” Laschet also warned his critics that the media would seek out all of Söder's contradicting statements from previous years. "Surveys are short-lived," Laschet is quoted as saying. "We have to keep an eye on the entire country."