Power struggle in the Union: Reiner Haseloff wants to tie the candidacy for chancellor to polls

In the power struggle between CDU-Chef Armin Laschet and the Christian Social Union-Chairman Markus Söder calls for Saxony-Anhalt's Prime Minister Pure Haseloff (CDU) to give more weight to the popularity ratings of the opponents when deciding on the candidacy for chancellor. "Unfortunately, now it's all about the tough question of power: Who do we have the best chances with?" Haseloff told SPIEGEL. “It's not about personal sympathy, trust or character traits. It does not help if, according to the general belief, someone is absolutely fit for office, but does not achieve this office because the voters will not let him. "

Haseloff is a member of the CDU presidium, which Armin Laschet only expressed broad support on Monday. In the surveys and in the popularity ratings, however, Laschet has been well behind Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder for weeks. This is one of the reasons why the most recent meeting of the Union Group in the Bundestag many CDU MPs voted for Söder as candidate for chancellor.

Haseloff emphasized the importance of the chancellor candidate for the upcoming elections in his state Sachsen-Anhalt At the beginning of June. "In our last state election, I made the experience that with direct mandates, fractions of percentages can sometimes decide on political existences," said the Christian Democrat. With all the efforts in the country, the federal trend could tip the scales. "You can be in favor of a good and correct position with your head held high and your flag waving, but still end up in the opposition."

Dispute over a possible parliamentary group vote

It is still unclear when the Union leaders want to clarify the K question. There is currently no new date for a meeting between CDU and CSU representatives, according to the party leaders. This could drag the conflict into the coming week, so that the next meeting of the Union faction on Tuesday could play an important role.

»Who is the CDU and CSU candidate for chancellor must now be decided together - the election is in five months. If Armin Laschet and Markus Söder do not agree on the candidacy for chancellor by the weekend, we will have to vote on it in the parliamentary group meeting on Tuesday, "demands the Hamburg CDU regional chief Christoph Ploß. The parliamentary group is "the only joint body of the CDU and CSU".

On the other hand, Günter Krings, chairman of the numerically strongest state group in North Rhine-Westphalia in the Union parliamentary group, warns that the MPs will take the decisive vote on the K question: "There is a clear division of roles between the parliamentary group and parties," says Krings. "The nomination of the candidate and the formulation of the election program are clearly a matter for the parties, not the parliamentary group." He would have heard a lot of criticism from the CDU base at the interference of the parliamentarians: "People say, if the MPs say that to the party make up your mind, then please do the election campaign yourself. "