Luxembourg: Amazon does not have to pay an additional 250 million euros in taxes

According to the will of EU Commission soll Amazon around 250 million euros in taxes in Luxembourg count. The EU court has now overturned a corresponding commission decision - the world's largest online retailer did not benefit from unauthorized tax advantages.

The commission had accused Amazon of illegal perks and ordered the high back payment. Luxembourg has given the online retailer undue advantages, argued the Brussels authority. This is forbidden according to EU state aid rules, because Amazon had to pay significantly less taxes than other companies.

In the opinion of the court, however, the Commission did not provide sufficient legal evidence that the tax burden of a European subsidiary of the Amazon group was wrongly reduced. The judges then lifted the back payment order, said a spokesman.

The order came from the EU Commission already decided in 2017after an audit concluded that Luxembourg had granted the company anti-competitive advantages from May 2006 to June 2014 in order to retain it. The bottom line is that Amazon is said to have paid no taxes on three quarters of its profits from EU sales.

It is unlikely that the EU Commission will accept the ruling: Before European Court of Justice (ECJ), the Brussels authority is already defending itself against a judgment with which the EU court is requesting it Ireland has tipped from the iPhone manufacturer Apple to reclaim up to 13 billion euros in taxes. She also has the right to appeal in the Amazon case.

Meanwhile, Amazon expressed satisfaction with the verdict. "We welcome the court's decision, which is in line with our longstanding position that we have followed all applicable laws and that Amazon has not received any special treatment," the company said. “We're glad the Court made this clear, and we can continue to focus on it for our customers across the board Europe to deliver."