Luisa Neubauer sees an option to free gasoline from the CO2 price - WELT

IIn the debate about the costs of climate protection measures, the climate activist Luisa Neubauer referred to the possibility of excluding the fuel price from the CO2 price. Economists have suggested exempting fuel from the CO2 price, Neubauer told the "Q".

"Petrol and diesel are taxed very high anyway, and one can argue that a CO2 price on petrol hardly discourages people from driving, but that it has a disproportionately high potential for aggression," says the representative of "Fridays for Future".

The problem is not climate protection, but anti-social politics. Anyone who promotes years of social inequality and then misuses the social question as a pretext not to cope with the climate crisis is hypocritical, continues Neubauer. “We don't have time for the wild search for excuses just to omit climate protection. The vision should be to combine climate protection with really good social policy, ”said Neubauer.

With a climate protection program, petrol can become more expensive

When EU Vice-Commissioner Frans Timmermans presents the extensive climate protection program “Fit for 55” on Wednesday, the resistance is already programmed. Because the key point is the introduction of a CO2 surcharge for gasoline and heating oil - something that millions of Europeans feel directly in their wallets.

The fear of protests like the yellow vests in France is widespread. "We have to be very careful," says an EU representative who does not want to be named. "That is a great risk for the will of the population to go along with this change."

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Above all, poorer people would be burdened by the higher prices. The Brussels expert at the Agora think tank, Andreas Graf, sums it up: "The key to accepting this CO2 tax will be that we create a meaningful and social balance."

With the climate protection program, which consists of twelve individual laws, Europe wants to save at least 2030 percent of greenhouse gases by 55 compared to 1990, in order to then emit practically no CO2050 at all by 2.