Aviation - New aviation laws aim to secure airport charges

Against the background of the sharp decline in air traffic, the climate protection ministry has revised the Airport Charges Act (FEG); the assessment started yesterday, Wednesday. "This will secure the airport tariffs and prevent a massive drop in charges," explains Minister Leonore Gewessler (Greens) in a broadcast today.

State Secretary Magnus Brunner (ÖVP) added: “We are taking legal steps to counter this, because otherwise the airport's legally permissible fees would rattle into the basement due to the crisis and the slump in air traffic. This would destroy the economic basis of the airports, which are so important for the connection to Austria, of the economic basis. "

Louder planes are getting more expensive

Regarding the details, Gewessler said that louder aircraft will in future have to pay higher fees than quieter ones. The differentiation for reducing noise in air traffic should also take into account technological developments such as noise-reduced adaptation to aircraft and approach procedures.

In addition to the FEG, an amendment to the Aviation Act (LFG) was examined this week. The above all technical adjustments, which are necessary due to new Union law provisions, above all amend aspects of aviation security - from drone applications to aviation obstacles to access to security areas of the airport. "In this way, we also ensure that the construction of solar and photovoltaic systems does not require a permit under the Aviation Act in future - we are thus strengthening the expansion of renewable energies," emphasized Gewessler. (apa)