Aviation - EU climate laws: Lufthansa fears massive disadvantages

The AUA parent Lufthansa fears billions of euros from the EU Commission's climate protection package. According to his previous assessment, the plans could lead to considerable competitive disadvantages for European network airlines, explained the head of corporate policy, Kay Lindemann, on Friday in Berlin. In addition, there is a risk of additional CO2 emissions if transfer flights are relocated to non-European hubs.

The EU Commission will present a package of measures on Wednesday (14 July) that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 2030 percent by 55. It is therefore called “Fit for 55”. With regard to air traffic, this could include expanded emissions trading, higher kerosene taxes for flights within Europe and a new, rapidly increasing proportion of the blending of the more expensive, sustainable aviation fuels.

Lindemann warned that the measures could result in annual costs of between one and two billion euros. On the other hand, the competition from the Arab Gulf, Turkey or Russia could easily bypass the regulations that are limited to the EU.

For the planned quota for sustainable fuels, a financing mechanism must be found that includes all providers equally, says Lufthansa. For this purpose, for example, the final destination of the tickets sold could be taken into account in the tax calculation. "More ambition in terms of climate protection in air traffic costs, that is clear," said Lindemann. They are basically ready to go along this path, but do not want to accept any competitive disadvantages. (dpa)