Relaxation of corona rules: Boris Johnson postpones his first beer in the pub

The British Prime Minister actually wanted Boris Johnson sitting in the pub on Monday. In mid-February he had "Careful but irreversible" openings announced in several stages - now the reopening of restaurants actually comes into force. Johnson wanted to be one of the first to have a pint of beer.

But because of the death of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, husband of the Queen, he now renounces it. The government had canceled all routine press conferences, interviews and visits out of respect and condolence. At the same time, the Prime Minister canceled his participation in the funeral service for the late Royal due to the pandemic. He wanted to give more family members the chance to take part in the celebration. Only 30 guests should be allowed there.

Prince Philip was on Saturday Died at Windsor Castle at the age of 99. He had been married to the then Crown Princess and now Queen Elizabeth II since 1947.

Loosening thanks to vaccination success

As of Monday, outdoor dining in England is allowed to reopen. Many pubs and restaurants with outside space are fully booked for weeks. The indoor catering is to follow in the following opening step on May 17th.

The easing results from the vaccination successes in the United Kingdom: of the 66 million inhabitants, more than 32 million have already received a first vaccination. Another 7,47 million Britons have already received both vaccine doses. Previously, the country had more than 127.000 corona deaths than any European country.