“Living and doing business with the virus”: Retailers are delighted with the end of the lockdown in Burgenland on April 18th

HV supports the path taken to differentiate LH Doskozil. The population and the economy now need a perspective

Vienna (OTS) - The trade association welcomes today's decision by Governor Doskozil not to extend the tough lockdown in Burgenland again. This will allow non-food retailers and schools to open again from next Monday, April 19. In Vienna and Lower Austria, however, the shops will remain closed until at least May 2nd.

Tried and tested hygiene measures in shops ensure safe shopping

“For us retailers, the health of the population is our top priority. But our stores are not among those places that are associated with an increased risk of infection - this is proven by countless scientific studies. We would therefore like to thank Governor Doskozil for his decision not to extend the hard lockdown in Burgendland one more time. The path of differentiation we have chosen offers both the population and the economy a perspective with which we can finally get out of the lockdown spiral, reduce collateral damage and save jobs. At the same time, we assure the governor that we will continue the tried and tested hygiene measures in the shops in the usual quality in order to ensure safety when shopping ", says trade association managing director Rainer Will.

Lockdown extension in Vienna and Lower Austria will cost dealers an additional 780 million euros

After four hard lockdowns, tens of thousands of jobs in the domestic non-food trade are on the brink of danger. Every tenth business has already had to cease operations. Half of the remaining dealers are afraid of their existence. The smaller the business, the less digital and the more dependent on tourism, the bigger the minus, up to total failures in the lockdown periods. The renewed lockdown extension by two weeks in Vienna and Lower Austria alone will cost the affected non-food retailers an additional 780 million euros.

The total costs for the fourth lockdown (26 closed shopping days) are around 1 billion euros in retail in Vienna and around 850 million euros in Lower Austria. Overall, the closed shopping days in these two federal states add up to 116, in western Austria we have 90 shopping days in three hard lockdowns.

The HV mantra “Living and doing business with the virus” sets school

“At the turn of the year we already had the motto 'Living and doing business with the virus'. This mantra, which the trade association created, is now being adopted by more and more players, because the eternal lockdown cannot be the solution. With every restriction of public space, the contagion is shifted even more into the private sphere, where, according to AGES, 85 percent of all corona infections already occur. At the same time, all mobility analyzes show that there is a dramatic lockdown wear-and-tear effect that increases with each additional lockdown day. It is therefore important to expand the public space, because the likelihood of infection there is much lower than in your own four walls ", is trade spokesman Rainer Will convinced.

“We support every sensible measure and have proven this as a partner of the federal government in the implementation of the security concepts. In return, we expect a clear, comprehensible strategy. This is the only way we can give our customers, but also our 600.000 employees, planning security. The state aid cushions the worst, but it does not arrive step by step with the lockdowns, which creates a discrepancy. It therefore needs more differentiation as well as a medium and long-term plan ", adds trade association president Stephan Mayer-Heinisch.

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