According to psychologists: We have so many “great loves” in life

Oh yes, the great love. It causes butterflies in the stomach, constant grins and is just beautiful. But wait a minute, why is there always only talk of “the ONE great love”? Is it true that we can only really love one person in our life or is it all just nonsense? We have now asked ourselves this question and are on a interesting concept encountered by psychologist.

According to psychologists: These types of love appear in life

If you believe the statements, we humans actually have not just one great love in life, but three that shape us and help us develop our character over time. If we didn't have them, we wouldn't be who we are today. Each of these three loves brings their own special characteristics and impressions with them, which prepare us for the next step. But now we've got you tense enough. You can find out what loves we are talking about and what they mean here in

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