No more cheap flights: Scholz wants to make air travel more expensive

SPD-Candidate for Chancellor Olaf Scholz wants to take action against cheap flights within Europe and enforce a price limit. "No flight can be cheaper than the airport charges and all the other charges that arise for them," said Scholz on the television program "ProSieben Spezial Live". Further regulations are legally difficult. But that means at least "that there will certainly not be anyone who will then be less than 50 or 60 euros". Even that is still quite cheap, compared to what air travel would have cost in the past.

Environmentalists have always called out Limitations when flying. The aviation industry itself states its share of global CO₂ emissions as 2,8 percent and refers to calculations by the German Aerospace Center. According to this, the share of aviation in man-made climate change is around 3,5 percent. This proportion also takes other factors into account, such as contrails, which partially reduce heat radiation from the earth.

SPD wants to make rail travel cheaper

In order to make it easier to switch from airplanes or cars to more climate-friendly travel options, the SPD promises in its program for the federal elections that rail travel within Europe will be cheaper and more attractive than flying. On the other hand, Scholz does not consider free local public transport realistic - at least not if it is also to be expanded. But he spoke out in favor of more 365 euro tickets in municipalities and districts. In addition, a lot of money has to be invested in the expansion of local transport.

That was at the end of April Bundesverfassungsgericht decided that the German Climate Protection Act lacks sufficient specifications for reducing CO₂ emissions from 2031 onwards. Burdens would be postponed until after 2030 and the younger generation's freedom rights would be violated. The cabinet had a new climate protection law on Wednesday on the way. Expected by 2045 Germany Become climate neutral - five years earlier than previously planned. To achieve this, the individual economic sectors such as transport or industry will have to cut emissions significantly by 2030.

Scholz asked ProSieben concrete steps by the federal states for more climate protection. Formulating goals alone is not enough. "If you take climate protection seriously, you also have to approve wind turbines and build lines," said the Vice Chancellor. A policy change is obviously necessary for this. So be ruled in the green-black Baden-Württemberg In the past few years as good as no wind turbines have been built, just as the black-green ruled Hesse.