Kavalan wins Icons of Whiskey, WWA 2021

TAIPEI, June XNUMX / PRNewswire / - Kavalan prevailed against the competition and two prestigious ones Icons of Whisky's 2021 Awards won: "Visitor attraction" for the Kavalan Distillery and "World Whiskey Brand Ambassador" for Kaitlyn Tsai.

It is the third time that the Kavalan Distillery has been recognized as an Icons 2021 visitor attraction. This year's award recognizes the innovation of a distillery dedicated to telling the story of Kavalan whiskey. In 2020 the distillery completed its "Kavalan Garden Hall" with a breathtaking island cocktail bar, a newly designed DIY whiskey laboratory and a tasting room in which the complete Kavalan range and distillery-exclusive barrel-to-glass whiskeys are offered. The Garden Hall aims to highlight the natural surroundings of the distillery and provide an immersive space for visitors to experience the Kavalan brand.

Icons of whisky's The 2021 World Whiskey Brand Ambassador Award celebrates Kaitlyn Tsai's unique ability to showcase not only Kavalan, but the country it comes from. In Kaitlyn's masterclasses and interviews, she eloquently explains how the natural beauty of Yilan County forms a whiskey known for its complexity, depth and smoothness. Time and again, Kaitlyn channels her passion for Taiwan's whiskey to paint an unforgettable picture of a remarkable whiskey.

Kavalan has also won a number of top medals at the World Whiskeys Awards (WWA) 2021. “Best Taiwanese Single Cask Single Malt” went to Kavalan's soloist Oloroso Sherry, and “Best Taiwanese Single Malt” went to Kavalan Podium.

The judges about the soloist Oloroso Sherry:

“A real sherry bomb for the nose with an intense Pedro Ximénez influence. Notes of apricot, sultanas and cherry compote, with a hint of wood. The palate is floral, fruity and sherry-like, with raisins, peaches, plums, dark chocolate and an elegant blend of spices. "

And to the podium:

“A very malty nose with soft spices, vanilla, caramel, dried fruits and some tobacco. The maltiness continues on the palate, where it meets classic oak notes, honey, vanilla, roasted hazelnuts and a hint of smoke. The finish is prickly and slightly peppery and smoky. Very clean, well balanced and complex. "

Information on Kavalan Distillery

Kavalan Distillery in Yilan District has pioneered the art of single malt whiskey in Taiwan since 2005. Our whiskey, which has matured in intense humidity and heat, comes from the meltwater of Snow Mountain and is reinforced by sea and mountain breezes. All of this combines to create the creaminess typical of Kavalan. Our distillery, which bears the old name of Yilan County, looks back on around 40 years of experience in beverage production under the parent company King Car Group. We have received more than 450 gold awards or higher awards in highly competitive industry competitions. visit www.kavalanwhisky.com

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