Julia Navalnaja: "After visiting Alexej, I worry even more about him"

The opponent of the Kremlin imprisoned in a Russian penal camp Alexei Navalny saw his wife Julia for the first time in weeks. She posted on Tuesday Instagram a photo of yourself, on which in the background the approximately 100 kilometers east of Moscow located camp can be seen. At the meeting, separated by a pane of glass, Navalny had difficulty speaking and kept lying down on a table to rest, Navalnaya wrote. The prison authorities continue to deny her husband on hunger strike medical care. The following also applies to prisoners: "Everyone has the right to see a doctor."

"I know he won't give up," wrote Navalnaya. "But after visiting Alexei, I worry even more about him." According to Navalnaya, the 1,89-meter-tall opponent currently weighs 76 kilograms - nine kilograms less than when he started his hunger strike two weeks ago and 17 kilograms less than before he was transferred to the penal camp in February.

The 44-year-old is on hunger strike to protest against the conditions in the prison camp. Navalny complains that he receives one thing despite Back pain, paralysis in the limbs, fever and cough no adequate medical help. He also filed a lawsuit against the prison administration for not having received any books, it said Nawalny's Instagram page. In particular, a Koran had been withheld from him. Reason: The book, which is permitted in Russia, must be checked for extremist content. That is a violation of the law.

The last time Navalny had seen his wife in January was in a Moscow courtroom - also behind a pane of glass. He had been sentenced to several years in prison for allegedly violating probation conditions in a previous trial while he was in Germany Assassination attempt on him with the neurotoxin Novichok recovered. The process is criticized in the West for being politically motivated.

Navalnaya headed her post on Instagram with "A post about love". After her "date" with Navalny in the penal camp, she raves about it, saying that he is simply the best. "He'll be fine."