Jolie to hear: Our articles are now available at Podimo!

Watch out Jolie Lover! Interest you Issues related to sustainability, empowering, relationships? But you don't have time to sit down in peace and read through all the tips and news about it? Don't panic, because we can help. Our articles on these topics are now available to listen to on Podimo. Anyone who travels a lot, likes to listen to audio books and podcasts and can hardly part with their headphones now has even easier access to our exciting articles. By the way: Do you already know our Jolie podcast “Talking Beauty”?

What is Podimo

Podimo offers you Hundreds of bestselling audiobooks and over 100 exclusive podcasts that can only be heard on this platform. Regardless of whether Thrillers, great talks or podcasts about love and Co. There is something for everyone! And now you will also find our articles there to listen to and you can even get one Create a personal audio library that can also be accessed offline.

Our first episodes will be online on June 15.06.2021, XNUMX. Would you like to listen in? Then it's this way. Redeem the exclusive offer and dive for three months into the world of Podimo for only 0,99 euros instead of 4,99 euros per month (can be canceled at any time).


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