Johnnie Walker keeps walking and launches his biggest sustainability offensive to date

LONDON, March XNUMX / PRNewswire / - Johnnie Walker - the world's best-selling scotch [1] - today launches The Next Steps, his most ambitious sustainability initiative to date, which focuses on a more sustainable society for all.

The initiative is a far-reaching action plan with which the whiskey manufacturer intends to continue on its path to more sustainability from “grain to glass”. The initiative is part of the brand's ongoing efforts to reduce its ecological footprint, restore natural landscapes and reinvent the way their whiskey is made, distributed and enjoyed in every corner of the world.

The program includes a number of environmental commitments to ensure by 2030:

  • 100% of Johnnie Walker's whiskey production is net zero carbon.
  • 100% of the Johnnie Walker distilleries use renewable energy.
  • All packaging will be recyclable, reusable or compostable.
  • Investing in peatland restoration and tree planting and protection projects in Scotland.
  • Reinventing the drinking experience to be more sustainable, and engaging with people around the world about the meaning of "sustainable togetherness".

“Johnnie Walker builds on a legacy of positive, progressive choices - our own 'Keep Walking' mantra is shaped by this thinking. When we look at the world around us, it is clear that we all have a role to play in protecting the planet and its resources. We can either see what happens and choose not to do anything, or we can go ahead and take every step we can to reduce our impact. We believe there is only one choice, ”said Julie Bramham, Johnnie Walker Global Brand Director.

The new program is led by the creation of a revolutionary new bar experience that will show the future of "sustainable get-togethers". In collaboration with multi-award-winning beverage pioneer Ryan Chetiyawardana (Mr. Lyan Studio), CEO of Package Free and Zero Waste Champion Lauren Singer, and The World's Most Rubbish (a global community committed to making single-use packaging a thing of the past) The inventive bar experience will celebrate its premiere later this year before it is launched in several markets around the world.

Bramham continued, “We want everything we do to be more sustainable in every aspect of our brand, and the new beverage experience is where we bring it all together. It is a space where the decor, furniture, operations, processes and drinks will be as sustainable as possible. But it will also be - simple and important - a brilliant bar experience, something we've all been missing lately. This is the way things should be now, and we pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries so people can have better choices. What if by going out one night you could help make the world a little bit better? It's one of the most exciting things we've ever done. "

Ryan Chetiyawardana said: “Sustainability requires commitment and courageous steps - alongside the small, everyday ones. So I'm very proud to be working with Johnnie Walker to approach this evolving topic with real ambition and make a difference. It was amazing to see how they focused on revolutionizing the way they approach drinks, events and experiences, helping to support change on a large scale. "

As part of The Next Steps initiative, Johnnie Walker is proud to partner with the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) Scotland to restore 88 acres of severely degraded moorland. This important work will enable the flora to regenerate, support the wildlife and reduce carbon emissions. Although they only cover 3% of the earth's surface, peatlands store 30% of the world's carbon and are vital to the health and well-being of the entire planet. *

Johnnie Walker is also committed to:

  • Reducing the environmental impact by increasing the percentage of recycled packaging material: by 2025, the bottles in the core range should consist of at least 60% recycled glass, which, according to the brand, will use 13.000 tonnes less carbon a year ** 100% of the plastic used in the packaging should also be made from recycled material.
  • Makes your glass bottles up to 25% lighter.
  • Ensure that all packaging materials, including secondary packaging such as gift boxes, are recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2030. The brand expects any action taken to reduce its packaging will reduce its carbon footprint by 2% *** - the equivalent of 15 return flights from Edinburgh to Sydney.
  • Ensure that Johnnie Walker production uses 2030% less water by 20. This annual saving could be the size of 76 Olympic pools. ****
  • Work with customers and suppliers to continue to find and implement more sustainable alternatives to promotional materials and barware - with a focus on recyclability or reusability.
  • Continue to lead the way in “green tourism” with the aim of ensuring that all scotch whiskey visitor experiences receive the Green Tourism Gold certificate.
  • Working with and supporting farmers and grain suppliers to help them adopt regenerative farming practices and get verified against the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform's widely recognized Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA).
  • Support local initiatives to preserve our natural landscapes. In Chile, the brand has teamed up with Tu Mejor Huella to protect and restore 5.000 square feet of Torres del Paine National Park, one of the most iconic landscapes in Patagonia.

“In the years to come, the choices we make and the actions we take will make a noticeable difference to the environment. But more than that, we want to do what we can to give people around the world the opportunity to make simple, more sustainable decisions and do their part to build a better future. Neither of us can change things all alone, but the collective effort of millions of people pushing in the same direction can make a real, lasting difference, ”said Bramham.

The brand's environmental commitments add to their ongoing commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity in all of their work and their continued advocacy of responsible drinking.

You can find more information about the initiative at http://nextsteps.johnniewalker.comwhere you can stay up to date and see the progress in real time.

Inaction is not an option, Keep Walking.


* The UK has about 13% of the world's peatlands - most of it is in Scotland. Healthy peat bogs that are kept in good condition and retain water, on average, bind around four times more CO2 than the corresponding forest area.

** All Johnnie Walker products in the Blue Label price range and below will have at least 2025% recycled glass in their bottles by 60. All other products will follow by 2030

*** Based on the 2019/2020 product life cycle

**** Based on the full year 2019 volume

***** In 2020, Johnnie Walker invested in two major forest protection and tree planting projects in Allt Ruadh and Ballygowan, Scotland, to restore vital habitats, improve local biodiversity and ecosystem services, and help offset our carbon emissions through carbon sequestration. We are committed to planting a million trees across Scotland by 2. So far we've planted around 2030 in the Scottish Highlands, which is roughly the equivalent of 389.000 flights around the world or nearly half a million trips from London to Edinburgh. This also includes a new tree for each of the more than 10.500 Diageo employees.

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[1] IWSR 2020

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