Joe Biden: The US government wants to take in more refugees again

After protests against the Announcement not to increase the number of refugees for the time being, the Biden government is rowing back. Your plan, the upper limit of Biden's predecessor <br><br>Donald Trump of 15.000 refugees per year initially caused sharp criticism from the camp and from refugee helpers on Friday. The White House then said the number was provisional.

The chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, Bob Menendez, had called the number of 15.000 refugees "shockingly low". In view of the "largest global refugee crisis in history, with 29,6 million refugees worldwide", resettlements are "a crucial instrument in protecting those who are fleeing persecution." In the United States The admission of refugees is a "proud, bipartisan tradition".

The Lirs refugee organization had also sharply criticized the government's plan. It is "deeply disappointing that the government is maintaining the shameful, record-breaking low intake limit of its predecessor," said Lirs.

One topic, different numbers

Biden's National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan announced late last week that the Trump cap of 15.000 refugees this year would remain in place until further notice. The US program to take in particularly vulnerable refugees, who are selected by the UN for resettlement, will only have to be "rebuilt" after the Trump years, Sullivan said. There are also problems because of the corona pandemic.

Biden's government had previously announced that it would raise the upper limit to 62.500 refugees this year. At the beginning of February, Biden even announced a future ceiling of 125.000 refugees. One program that is now being debated is not about people who arrive at the US border and apply for asylum there, but about people who apply from abroad for admission to the USA.

Donald Trump had continuously reduced the number of refugees allowed into the country in the course of resettlement by the United Nations, to a record low of 15.000 in his last year in office. Under its predecessor Barack Obama more than 100.000 asylum seekers were admitted each year. Biden had originally promised a return to the previous level.

After the sharp protests you can now hear different tones: Biden has given the green light for the settlement of refugees from previously closed regions, the White House said. By May 15, the president wants to set a "final, increased refugee ceiling for the rest of this tax year."