JD Wetherspoon: Brexit fan Tim Martin needs EU workers for his own pub chain

For people which are looking for high quality french cuisine in Great Britain Going to a pub often ends up in a JD Wetherspoon eatery. The chain with hundreds of pubs is an important player in the country’s pub scene. In the future, however, fewer British men and women are to be served there, but more and more workers from the EU - even though company boss Tim Martin was one of the loudest supporters of his country leaving the community and served pints on pro-Brexit beer mats in his pubs.

Around five months after the final Brexit Martin urgently needs staff. A liberal immigration system would be »a plus for the economy and the country«, Martin told the »Telegraph«And called on the conservative government, referring to the country's low birth rate, to introduce simplified visa rules to make it easier to recruit workers from the continent. "America, Australia and Singapore have benefited from this approach for many decades. Immigration in combination with democracy works. "

With Brexit, however, the complete freedom of movement for people from the EU to Great Britain and vice versa was a thing of the past, and that also affected numerous foreign workers, who particularly often helped out in pubs and kitchens in the country. Complicated applications and expensive visa procedures are now necessary to get a job in the UK. EU citizens who lived in Great Britain before the end of 2020 can still apply for the so-called Settlement Scheme until the end of June, which gives them largely the same rights in the country should admit like before Brexit.

There is a shortage of 188.000 workers in the hospitality industry

Since the reopening of pubs and restaurants after the corona lockdown, restaurateurs are increasingly lacking staff. The industry association UK Hospitality expects a shortage of around 188.000 workers, as many left the industry or the country during the lockdowns. Because of the Brexit, but also because of the Corona slump and the associated entry restrictions of the British economy, according to a study, was alone in London the population as a whole decreased by 700.000 inhabitants.

Recently, reports from Europeans who tried to enter the British border increased were rejected. In view of this, whether pub boss Martin now regrets having massively advertised and donated for his country's exit from the EU before the Brexit referendum? According to "Yahoo Finance"Said the entrepreneur in any case:" Most hospitality companies would probably support some kind of preferred visa system for EU workers. "