Israel extends attacks on Gaza after continued rocket fire

Watch the video: Israel extends attacks on Gaza after continued rocket fire.

Israel announced an escalation of its own attacks on the second day of sustained rocket fire from Gaza. It had been decided to increase their "strength and frequency", said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a video address on Tuesday. Intensive air strikes on targets in and around the city of Gaza followed less than an hour later. According to the Israeli authorities, the army was gathering tanks on the border with the Gaza Strip and calling in reinforcements for the infantry as well. The total number of deaths was given as at least 30. Radical Islamic Hamas said it fired 137 rockets at Ashkelon and Ashdod south of Tel Aviv in a single five-minute volley. According to the military, the Israeli missile defense initially intercepted 90 percent of all projectiles fired across the border. The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip said that at least 28 Palestinians - including ten children - were killed and 152 injured as a result of Israeli attacks. The Israeli medical service spoke of two women who had died in rocket attacks on Ashkelon. Tensions were exacerbated by plans to vacate the homes of Palestinian families in East Jerusalem. The land on which they live is claimed by Jewish settlers.