Iran: Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif officially accuses Israel of attacking a nuclear facility

After the alleged cyber attack on the Natans nuclear facility in Iran the cause is still being investigated on Sunday. Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Sarif has now described the attack as an act of terrorism and Israel blamed for it. Among other things, new centrifuges for uranium enrichment are being manufactured at the facility in central Iran.

"With these terrorist operations, the Zionists want to sabotage Iran's nuclear achievements and the nuclear negotiations," Sarif said in parliament on Monday. But neither will happen. "Our revenge is that we will continue successfully in both areas," said the Iranian chief diplomat, according to the state news agency IRNA.

Israel has not yet commented on the allegations. The Israeli chief of staff Aviv Kochavi said on Sunday after media reports at a memorial ceremony for fallen soldiers on the Herzlberg in Jerusalem: “The activities of the Israeli army in the Middle East are not hidden from the enemy. They watch us, see our abilities and carefully consider their steps. "

Israel sees the Iranian nuclear program as a serious threat because Iran has missiles with a range of up to 2000 kilometers that could hit any location in Israel. If the missiles were equipped with nuclear warheads, Israel's existence would be seriously threatened. Tehran claims to have no nuclear warheads and to use the missiles only in the event of a retaliatory strike.

Damage is still being investigated

After the Cyber ​​attack on Natan's nuclear facility As with a similar attack at the same location last summer, there were initially different reports.

The Iranian nuclear organization AEOI initially spoke of a harmless power failure in one of the workshops outside the facility. But then called AEOI boss Ali Akbar Salehi the incident as a "nuclear act of terrorism"but did not provide details.

The extent of the damage is still being investigated; on Monday the news site "Nournews" reported that the perpetrator had been caught without presenting any evidence to support the allegation. According to Foreign Minister Sarif, only the production line of the older centrifuges was damaged in the act of sabotage. "Our facilities are full of newer centrifuges for this," said the minister. Among other things, a new generation of centrifuges is being manufactured in the Natans plant, with which Iran can accelerate and increase the uranium enrichment process - currently at 20 percent.

According to AEOI spokesman Behrus Kamalwandi, no one was injured in the incident in Natans. However, it was later reported that the spokesman fell while visiting the facility and had to go to hospital with injuries to his leg and head.

Iranian hardliners called on President Hassan Ruhani because of the attack on the nuclear facility to break off the diplomatic negotiations planned for this week to save the 2015 Vienna nuclear deal. "Mr. Ruhani, terror and negotiations do not go together," said an editorial from the Tasnim news agency.