The real estate industry sees no housing shortage

According to the housing industry, rents in Saxony rose moderately last year. The member companies of the Association of the Housing and Real Estate Industry (VdW) Saxony recorded an increase of 1,5 percent or eight cents per square meter in net rents, said association director Rainer Seifert on Monday at the association's annual press conference. The average value was therefore 5,27 euros per square meter.

The difference between town and country is striking: in Dresden, Leipzig and Chemnitz tenants paid 5,98 euros, while in rural areas around one euro less (4,88 euros) was due. The rents remained low despite high investments by the landlords, said Seifert. "If there was an investment allocation at all, it was very moderate."

According to the information, the vacancy rate hardly changed either. On average, 10,6 percent (previous year: 10,7 percent) of all apartments were uninhabited. In the major cities, the rate rose slightly to 5,0 percent. The planned rent brake therefore came at the wrong time and would hardly have any economic effect, said Seifert. "Where does the argument come from that we are running into a housing shortage?"

Seifert admitted that there could be a housing shortage in certain parts of the city. “The only question is: Is that the claim we want to live up to?” From the point of view of the association, it is more important to prevent high vacancy rates in rural areas and further relocation.

VdW Sachsen represents around 120 housing companies in the Free State which, according to their own information, manage more than a fifth of the rental housing stock with around 290.000 apartments. The regional association mainly includes municipal and cooperative companies.