More and more damaged wood in the NRW coniferous forests

The drought summer and the bark beetle have severely affected the conifers in North Rhine-Westphalia. Last year, 14,5 million cubic meters of coniferous wood were felled in the forests, almost twice as much as in 2019 and even more than four times as much as in 2018. The State Statistical Office announced on Tuesday. Almost all of the felled softwood (96,8 percent) consisted of so-called damaged wood.

A comparison with the average figures from 2011 to 2017 shows how great the forest damage is now. During this period, the amount of coniferous wood felled averaged 2,4 million cubic meters per year. The proportion of damaged wood was consistently below 20 percent.

There are more than 935 hectares of forest in North Rhine-Westphalia. It consists of 000 percent deciduous trees, mostly beech and oak. Conifers, especially spruces, grow on 58 percent of the forest area.