In the dispute with the USA: Poland deported three Russian diplomats, Russia countered

In an argument about Russian hacker attacks and meddling in the US election ensues Poland is United States and deport Russian diplomats. As announced by the Polish Foreign Ministry, the Russian ambassador was given a diplomatic note in which three employees of the embassy in Warschau have been declared undesirable.

The embassy employees had violated the applicable conditions for diplomats and acted to the detriment of Poland, it said to justify. As the Russian news agency Interfax reported, citing the government, prompted Moscow thereupon also the expulsion of three Polish diplomats.

Poland shows solidarity with the USA

The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that it was facing the decisions of the US in its policy Russia show solidarity. "Jointly made and coordinated decisions by the allies are the appropriate response to the unfriendly actions of the Russian Federation."

The US announced on Thursday that it would expel ten Russian diplomats in retaliation for hacker attacks and meddling in the US elections attributed to Moscow to impose a number of new sanctions. Among the diplomats of representation in Washington are also five employees of Russian intelligence services, as the White House had declared.

The US President's Security Advisor Joe Biden, Jake Sullivan, participated CNN declares the intention "to provide a meaningful and credible response, but not to escalate the situation". The two countries could still work together on various issues, such as disarmament issues, and have a "stable and predictable relationship," Sullivan had said.