IBB: Most of the November and December aid paid out

A large part of the November and December aid from the federal government has now been paid out in Berlin. With the November aid, a volume of more than 360 million euros has now reached the companies, said the head of the responsible investment bank Berlin (IBB), Jürgen Allerkamp, ​​on Wednesday at the presentation of the annual balance sheet. That corresponds to around 80 percent of the requested funding volume. The rate for December aid is around 62 percent. According to its own information, IBB has now transferred around EUR 263,4 million here.

With the aid, the federal government wants to support companies, the self-employed and associations that will be affected by the closings from November 2, 2020 to combat the corona pandemic. With the November and December aid, the federal government grants companies up to 75 percent of the respective previous year's sales.

Since mid-February, companies have also been able to submit applications for the federal government's third bridging aid program. According to Allerkamp, ​​a total of around 6500 applications with a volume of 520 million euros have been received. Around 69 percent of the applications have now been processed, it said. However, these would only represent just under a third of the funding volume applied for. "You can see from this that the large-volume applications have not yet been paid out," said Allerkamp. “Of course we check these very carefully.