HAVAL H6 HEV, developed on the LEMON platform, is making its debut in Thailand

BAODING, China, Jan.

Recently, the 6rd generation HAVAL H3 HEV, the first HEV model developed on the LEMON platform, made its global debut in Bangkok, Thailand. It was well received by Thai consumers immediately after its launch. The LEMON platform is the latest highly intelligent modular technology platform from GWM for the global market.

At the beginning of the development of the LEMON platform, GWM took into account the need to offer users a variety of choices. The platform is characterized by flexibility, high performance, high security and low weight and can be perfectly compatible with products such as the 3rd Gen HAVAL H6, HAVAL JOLION and HAVAL DAGOU. With the platform, these models are equipped with better body structure and performance, and are able to meet users' demands for quality and comfort.

HAVAL H6 HEV, a hybrid model developed on this platform, is also the first model to be used with the “LEMON DHT” technology on the overseas market. With the 1,5 T turbo engine and the drive motors, this model supports intelligent switching depending on the usage scenario. In this way, traffic jams with frequent braking in the city are effectively avoided and the aerodynamic drag of the drive motors on the motorway is reduced. The combined fuel consumption has dropped to 4,9 l / 100 km. The model creates a perfect balance between high efficiency and high performance in all speed ranges and scenarios.

As the first global strategic model built on the LEMON platform, the 6rd generation HAVAL H3 has been optimized so that it is 8-10% lighter than the previous generation and at the same time provides better performance in terms of acceleration, braking, steering and climbing ability achieved with lower fuel consumption. In addition, more than 70% of vehicle materials are made of high strength steel, and on key parts (such as A pillar, B pillar and door frame) the contact pressure of the baffle reaches 2.000 MPa. The rigidity of the body and the safety of the entire vehicle have been significantly improved, resulting in a comprehensive evolution.

The HAVAL DAGOU, the second model to be built on this platform, is equipped with a uniform body, MacPherson and multi-link independent wheel suspensions as well as an integrated hot stamping door ring that replaces the traditional spot-welded connection. This helps reduce body penetration in the event of a collision and improve passenger safety in the event of 25% small overlaps. The new LEMON platform is highly compatible and expandable and offers adjustable parameters in several dimensions of axle base, wheelbase, drive train combination and suspension travel to meet different driving styles.

The platform, a core part of GWM's technological R&D, not only enables GWM's products, but also offers technical support for GWM's intensive involvement in globalization. In the future, other products based on this platform will come onto the market worldwide and offer users more driving experiences that are economical, environmentally friendly, safe and comfortable.

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