Hanno Berger: Swiss investigators arrest key figure in the cum-ex scandal

Several German public prosecutors and courts have been investigating for years to clear up one of the biggest tax scandals in German post-war history. A process has been running since March that also includes Hanno Berger's role in the Cum-Ex affair. He is considered to be the inventor of the disreputable business with equity securities. The tax expert moved to the mountain village of Zuoz in the years ago Switzerland deposed and has now been arrested.

This was said by a spokesman for the Frankfurt Public Prosecutor's Office, citing Swiss authorities and thus confirming an online report by the Handelsblatt. The district court Bonn had issued an arrest warrant against Berger in June, after not following the summons to the trial.

Berger is considered to be the intellectual father of the fraud system, with which investors had a capital gains tax paid once on stock dividends reimbursed twice by the tax office. The lawyer had repeatedly denied the allegations against him.