Hanger: End the scandal at last!

Unfounded allegations are permanently damaging the political climate in Austria

Vienna (OTS) - After questioning a cabinet employee from the Federal Chancellery, VP parliamentary group leader Andreas Hanger made it clear that everything that could be explained about the shredder affair had already been said beforehand. "Even if the question of the connection with the committee of inquiry remains unchanged, it should be noted that all investigations have been discontinued," said Hanger. The new inclusion is only due to the politically motivated advertisement by Kai Jan Krainer and Stephanie Krisper. “It is unreasonable if the truth cannot be accepted,” said Hanger.

The fact is that the supplier confirmed the use of the hard drives in multifunctional devices. “It can be ruled out that it was a question of hard drives from notebooks or stand PCs from the highest organs of the Federal Chancellery or cabinet employees. The SPÖ and NEOS fairy tales must now finally come to an end ”, demands Hanger. He points out that the usual process of shredding has also been carried out in the past. “For example, seven hard drives were shredded under the former SPÖ Federal Chancellor Christian Kern. In addition, ex-Federal Chancellor Brigitte Bierlein confirmed in a parliamentary question the legality of the destruction of hard drives by external companies, ”said Hanger.

It is telling that the SPÖ and NEOS are deliberately pushing these clear facts aside in order to keep the U-Committee going - albeit completely out of place in terms of content. "So you have to look to the coming weeks of the extension with concern, because here the education will probably be completely sacrificed in favor of the staging," said Hanger. (Enough)

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