Trade association: Lockdown extension until May 2 will cost Viennese trade a further 420 million euros.

Dealers in the federal capital have to cope with 116 closed shopping days due to the corona. HV takes note of the extension with regret and asks for faster and higher help.

Vienna (OTS) - The Mayor of Vienna, Michael Ludwig, announced today a further extension of the fourth hard lockdown (originally intended as "Easter rest"). The affected non-food retailers in the federal capital must now remain closed until at least May 2nd.

“The dealers affected by the closure now have to cope with additional sales losses of around 420 million euros. The total costs for the fourth lockdown in Vienna retail alone add up to around 1 billion euros. Tens of thousands of jobs are at risk. Which company can afford to be closed all the time and hardly get any help? ", said the managing director of the trade association Rainer Will representing thousands of desperate companies in the federal capital.

Lockdown extension in retail not accurate

With every further restriction of the public space, the contagion is shifted even more into the private sphere - where, according to AGES, 85% of all corona infections already occur. The trade, which is demonstrably not a Corona hotspot, continues to close in order to reduce people's mobility - this is not only disproportionate, it also no longer works. This shows the daily view of the streets. “We have long seen that large parts of the population are no longer willing to accept curfews after more than a year of the Corona crisis. Hundreds of group meetings could be observed on the Praterwiese at the weekend, the two-meter distance was only observed in the rarest of cases. All mobility analyzes show that there is a massive lockdown wear-and-tear effect that increases with every additional lockdown day "says Will.

Trade association is again calling for faster & higher corona aid

Each additional day of lockdown also worsens the situation of the affected retailers. Many are facing the end of their economic existence. Therefore, the trade association is again calling for improvements to the Corona aid, specifically an expansion of the short-time working bonus per employee for dealers in the east and an increase in the loss bonus in order to defuse the existing capping problem.

Online petition # support workplaces!

Affected employers and employees can use their virtual signature on www.arbeitsplätzeretten.athelp to secure the Austrian economy, domestic jobs and apprenticeships. Together we are better heard.

In addition, according to a current HV Consumer Check study by the trade association, the Austrian population is increasingly frustrated by the permanent lockdown spiral, isolation effects and the isolation of the population are increasing steadily. Details about it HERE.

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