Hammer reacts with “incomprehension” to State Secretary Brunner's allegations

Greens: Climate neutrality in 2040 and a reduction in land consumption are common goals from the government program

Vienna (OTS) - The Greens' climate protection and energy spokesman Lukas Hammer reacted with “incomprehension” to the statements made by State Secretary Magnus Brunner about the review of the ASFINAG program for the construction of motorways and expressways announced by Climate Protection Minister Gewessler.

“In the government program, we agreed to become climate neutral by 2040. Every single member of the government - and also the state secretary responsible for air traffic in the climate protection ministry - has to work in his area of ​​activity to ensure that we achieve these ambitious climate protection goals. The climate protection minister is currently looking at whether motorway projects that were planned over 20 years ago are compatible with achieving our common goals. Given the enormous challenge, it would be irresponsible not to do so ”.

A climate check was agreed in the government program and it is therefore advisable to commit to a science- and fact-based climate policy. “Listening to science has already proven itself in the fight against pandemics. That is why science is the better advisor even in the climate crisis, ”says Hammer.

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