Halo Technology Group announces two strategic acquisitions: ARIA Technologies and Solid Optics


Halo Technology Group

Irvine, California (ots / PRNewswire)

Halo Technology Group ("Halo" or "Halo Group"), the world's largest independent manufacturer of fiber optic transceivers and high-speed cabling, today announced the completion of two acquisitions that will expand its product portfolio and strengthen its global presence. Halo has ARIA Technologies ("ARIA"), an industry-leading developer, manufacturer, and provider of fiber optic connectivity solutions headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition, Halo acquired Solid Optics, a global provider of fiber optic transceivers, high-speed cabling and passive and active network technology with headquarters in Almere, the Netherlands.

"We are excited to add the incredibly talented teams from ARIA Technologies and Solid Optics to the Halo group," said Matt McCormick, Halo's chief executive officer. We had a clear goal from the start: to become a global leader in the field of optical solutions and to offer our customers exceptional added value. With the acquisition of ARIA and Solid Optics, we are expanding our global presence, particularly in key markets such as Germany and France, and are further strengthening our product range as well as our technical and commercial capabilities. "

ARIA's commitment to innovation and product performance has changed the data center and telecommunications industries. Solid Optics has a strong presence in Europe with a diverse, long-standing customer base and extensive know-how across the full range of optical solutions. These acquisitions, as well as the acquisition of Skylane Optics announced earlier this year, strengthen Halo's ability to meet the demands of customers around the world for optical solutions.

"Halo's acquisitions and strong organic growth demonstrate that Halo is the preferred growth platform in the third-party optoelectronics industry," said Al Aguirre, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Halo Group.

About the Halo Technology Group

Halo Technology was founded by Inflexion Private Equity Partners of London and is a multinational company headquartered in Irvine, California. The company develops and markets mission-critical optical network solutions, including optical transceivers, multiplexers, ROADMs, EDFAs, and high-speed optical cabling. Since 1999, Halo has served over 40.000 customers worldwide through its wholly owned subsidiaries. With offices in the US, UK, continental Europe, China, India and Brazil, Halo serves the networking needs of a wide range of businesses, service providers and telecommunications customers in over 60 countries.

Information on ARIA Technologies

ARIA is an industry-leading designer, manufacturer, and provider of fiber optic connectivity products based in the San Francisco Bay Area. The ARIA product range includes fiber optic cable assemblies, rackmount housings, wall mount housings as well as network components based on fiber optics and copper.

About Solid Optics

Founded in 2006, Solid Optics is a global provider of compatible transceivers, high-speed cabling, multiplexers and OADMs. Its clients include data centers, service providers, telecommunications providers and commercial organizations in the UK, Europe and the US. Serving more than 1.600 customers across Europe and the United States, Solid Optics has built a reputation for innovative products and comprehensive technical services.

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