Haiti: Suspected mastermind of the presidential murder arrested

According to the police, Haiti is a suspected mastermind behind the murder of the president Jovenel Moïse been arrested. The 63-year-old Christian Emmanuel Sanon flew to Haiti in a private jet in early June, accompanied by hired security guards, and wanted to take over the office of President, Police Chief Leon Charles said at a press conference on Sunday. Sanon's motive was "political", the police chief did not provide any further details.

Public records on the Internet show that a man by Sanon's name was working as a doctor in Florida, but it wasn't immediately clear whether they were the same person. Eighteen Colombians and three Haitian Americans, including Sanon, were arrested in connection with Moïse's murder, Charles said. Five Colombians who are being searched for are still at large, and three have been killed.

The alleged bombers told investigators that they wanted to arrest the president, not kill, as the newspaper and a person familiar with the matter previously reported. The 53-year-old head of state Moïse was attacked and shot in his residence. His wife Martine was seriously injured and was taken to Florida for treatment. The background to the act has so far remained unclear.

Moïse had been in office since 2017 and ruled for more than a year by decree because the organization of an election failed. The opposition accused the 53-year-old of corruption and mass protests broke out. Moïse has always denied the allegations and insisted on a constitutional reform, with which he said he wanted to ensure more stability. His opponents saw it as an attempt to achieve a dictatorship.

According to the Haitian authorities, Moïse was killed by foreign professional killers. Two men then declared themselves interim heads of government. The Senate elected its president as interim head of state. However, since the beginning of last year the parliament has had no quorum. The chairman of the Supreme Court died a few weeks ago of the consequences of Covid-19.