Hail insurance: extreme weather causes damage of almost 3 million euros

Hailstorms start a new round - agriculture in Tyrol, Styria and Burgenland damaged

Vienna (OTS) - (Austrian Hagelversicherung, July 9th, 2021): Yesterday afternoon - bright sunshine, blue skies and temperatures of up to 37 degrees: For many people a perfect summer day, for agriculture it was just the calm before the storm. In the late afternoon, the onset of storms turned agriculture into Tyrol damaged. In the Imst and Innsbruck-Land districts, total damage to agricultural crops amounted to 350.000 Euros.

The continuation: Thunderstorms and downpours have said goodbye to the extreme heat in the night to today. Nevertheless it came about in the Styria and in Burgenland On Friday in the early afternoon there was still severe storms, again with effects on the agricultural sector: “According to initial surveys by the experts from the Austrian hail insurance company, damage to agriculture in the amount of 2,5 million euros. It is dramatic that many agricultural areas have already been damaged several times by the storms within three weeks. Repeated re-cultivation was therefore often in vain. It is worrying that we will still be in the classic hail season until mid-September, ”said so Dr. Mario Winkler, Press spokesman for Austrian hail insurance, on the storm damage in the last 24 hours.

Damage overview in detail for Tyrol:

  • Affected districts: Imst, Innsbruck-Land
  • Crops affected: cereals, maize, potatoes, vegetables, fruit, grassland
  • Affected area: 1.600 hectares
  • Total damage in agriculture: 350.000 euros

Damage overview in detail for Styria:

  • Affected districts: Weiz, Hartberg-Fürstenfeld
  • Crops affected: cereals, maize, fruit, grassland
  • Affected area: 6.000 hectares
  • Total damage in agriculture: 1,5 million euros

Damage overview in detail for Burgenland:

  • Affected district: Oberwart
  • Crops affected: cereals, maize, soy, pumpkins, rapeseed
  • Affected area: 4.000 hectares
  • Total damage in agriculture: 1 million euros

Notice: Affected farmers report the damage online www.hagel.at.

Inquiries & contact:

Ing.Norbert Jordan, Regional Manager Tyrol, T. 0664 281 83 74, jordan@hagel.at
Ing.Josef Kurz, Regional Manager Styria, T. 0664 827 20 56, Kurz@hagel.at
Dipl.-Ing. Günther Kurz, Country Manager Burgenland, T. 0664 281 83 75, g.kurz@hagel.at
Dr. Mario Winkler, Press Spokesman Austrian Hagelversicherung, T. 0664 827 20 67, m.winkler@hagel.at