"Group S." - Lawyers question the statements of the key witness

Right-wing terrorism "Group S." - Lawyers question the statements of the key witness

Trial against "Group S."

A participant in the process with a hood arrives shortly before the start of the trial against the right-wing terrorist organization "Gruppe S." Photo: - / dpa-pool / dpa

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Twelve men are on trial in Stuttgart for allegedly establishing a right-wing terrorist cell. The group's lawyers are now focusing on the credibility of the key witness.

In the process of the alleged right-wing terrorist cell "Group S." lawyers have expressed doubts about the statements of the key witness U.

The 49-year-old, who was also accused, was "at least a problematic personality," said attorney Günther Herzogenrath-Amelung, who is defending one of the eleven other defendants, on the second day of the trial before the Higher Regional Court in Stuttgart-Stammheim. U. have been imprisoned or imprisoned for more than twenty years. His statements must be met with the greatest skepticism. Lawyer André Picker made a similar statement. You have to find out why U. made these statements to the investigators. More evidence is needed. The seriousness of the statements in the "Group S." have to judge.

The twelve men are on trial for allegedly setting up a right-wing terrorist cell to get weapons, kill Muslims and start a civil war. As alleged members and supporters of a right-wing terrorist organization, they face up to ten years imprisonment. The defendants were arrested on February 14, 2020. Of the twelve men, eleven are in custody, only U., who is considered a key witness, is at large. The state security procedure is a mammoth process with dozens of participants, negotiations are blocked until mid-2022.

Most of the defendants announced on Wednesday morning that they wanted to remain silent on the allegations. But there are defendants who have announced that they want to comment.