Greens: In order to counteract the climate crisis, it takes great effort in the area of ​​mobility

Weratschnig: There is no more time to be lost during the climate crisis

Vienna (OTS) - Austria receives around 3,5 billion euros from the RRF (Recovery Resilience Facility). The federal government has set itself the goal of exceeding the EU's own target for climate investments. “46 percent of the reconstruction funds flow into climate protection measures. The latest report from the Court of Auditors shows us that there is no more time to lose in the climate crisis. In the area of ​​mobility in particular, we therefore need to exert ourselves to counteract the climate crisis, ”says the Greens traffic spokesman, Hermann Weratschnig.

“On the one hand, this can be done through subsidies and investments, but tax measures are also essential. We will not manage the temperature curve with innovation and positive incentives alone. Let's listen to the experts, ”says Weratschnig.

A central area of ​​the Austria Plan is the funding pot for future emission-free bus transport. “With 256 million euros you will be able to achieve the goals of the Clean Vehicle Directive (CVD). Work is currently being carried out on the fundamentals of federal law, ”explains Weratschnig. “With a road vehicle law, you will be able to control the implementation well. The law should be passed this summer. With a funding package, the additional costs of the emission-free buses will then be eligible for up to 80 percent of the additional costs, ”says Weratschnig.

“When it comes to heavy commercial vehicles, the use of hydrogen is of great importance. For the hydrogen technology, 100 million euros are planned in the package. As a Tyrolean member of parliament, I see great potential in snow groomers with a diesel consumption of up to 40 liters per hour, "said Weratschnig with a specific example," where hydrogen makes sense. "

“With the Austrian companies, we will use the comeback for climate protection and thus trigger a job offensive,” Weratschnig is convinced. “Also with measures such as the repair bonus. The repair voucher is planned for all households from 2022 in the amount of 200 euros - it will promote the longevity of products and regional economic cycles and create jobs. Waste is avoided, resources are conserved, ”said Weratschnig happily about the extensive comeback package for climate protection presented by Minister Leonore Gewessler.

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