Green flights from Rostock-Laage to holiday islands canceled

Until the end of July, vacationers can no longer fly with Green Airlines from Rostock-Laage Airport to the Mediterranean islands of Mallorca, Kos, Rhodes and Crete. "As part of our green concept, we are striving to adapt the capacities of the aircraft used to the current booking situation and thus to achieve efficient utilization," said the airline. The airline is therefore suspending all flights to and from Rostock-Laage until July 31. Several media had previously reported about it.

At least four flights were affected by this at the weekend. Tickets for canceled flights could be rebooked or canceled free of charge, it said. The start-up only started its service in July.

The number of passengers in Rostock-Laage fell from more than 148.100 in 2019 to around 22.000 in 2020 due to the pandemic.