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Action cameras such as the GoPro are particularly popular with athletes and travelers, because the small cams are particularly robust, waterproof and handy. The small devices can be attached to the body or equipment when diving and climbing, as well as on fast mountain bike tours or downhill rides with a snowboard. But is there a reliable GoPro alternative at all? Well-known action cameras like the “Amazon's Choice” product GoPro Hero 8* or successors like that GoPro Hero 9* can also be quite expensive - especially for beginners who want to try an action cam for the first time, such a camera is often not necessarily the first choice.

GoPro Alternative: Brief overview of popular models

  1. Crosstour CT 9000 - 4k Action Cam*
  2. Crosstour CT 9500 - 4k Action Cam*
  3. AKASO 4k Action Cam*
  4. Apexcam Pro Action Cam*
  5. APEMAN Action Cam*

Alternative to the GoPro: These cheaper models do it too

A cheap alternative for less than 50 euros is also the Amazon bestseller from Crosstour* Highly recommended: The camera with WiFi function records professional 4K and 30fps videos and, thanks to its 20 megapixels, also takes sharp pictures. A wireless remote control is included. The action cam is also suitable for underwater photography at depths of up to 30 meters - ideal for the next snorkeling trip or dive.

Also recommended by Crosstour is the CT 9500 action camera*. This holds up to a water depth of 40 meters, has an integrated 6-axis EIS dual camera shake correction function, which ensures that the images are perfect even when moving. This camera also comes with two very powerful batteries, so you can use the action camera for a long time without having to worry about the hassle of charging.

The AKASO Action Cam* is also a good alternative. Voice control makes it easy to record videos in 4K quality and pictures with 20 MP. The integrated electronic image stabilization (EIS) also turns videos and photos into real eye-catchers in action - without any camera shake. The camera also offers an 8x zoom and is waterproof up to 40 meters.

The is also waterproof up to 40 meters Apexcam Pro* - thanks to your 170 ° wide-angle lens, you can now record even more details. The robust housing makes it ideal for all outdoor activities. With its numerous functions, such as loops, slow motion, continuous photo shooting and more, a video can take on different facets. The camera is delivered with a bag, a selfie stick with integrated remote control and mounting accessories for, for example, bicycle helmets.

But also the APEMAN Action Cam* is impressive and above all offers a good price-performance ratio. It also makes high-resolution UHD videos and 20 MP pictures. With a water resistance of up to 30 meters, it is also ideally suited for the next beach holiday. The wireless remote control and the possibility of coupling with an app make this camera even easier to use.


GoPro alternative: You should pay attention to this when buying

Before you buy the next offer, you should ask yourself what the action camera should be used for - if you want to make first-class videos while exercising, the cam should probably have an electronic image stabilizer to compensate for jerking. Perhaps you also prefer a GoPro alternative that "only" offers HD recordings instead of high-resolution 4K in order to save some money as well as memory and battery. Also make sure that the frame rate is sufficient for your own needs. In addition, not all providers provide a storage option with the camera. Often times it can be a simple one SD card* be used.

As with any camera, the light intensity is also crucial. If you often want to film or take photos in low light, we recommend a larger image sensor, which can absorb more light thanks to larger pixels. This also reduces annoying picture noise.

Tip: by buying practical accessories* there are many other possible uses for an action camera.

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This article was first published in November 2019.