Court ruling: public designation of the AfD Thuringia as a test case was illegal - WELT

Dhe Thuringian constitutional protection would have the classification of the AfD regional association with the chairman Björn Höcke are not allowed to make public as a test case. The Weimar Administrative Court announced a corresponding judgment on Monday.

The court argued that there is only a legal basis for public relations work by the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution in the case of observation and suspicion, but not for the test case. "The observation and investigation activity itself is not the subject of the proceedings," emphasized the presiding judge of the eighth chamber, Thomas Lenhart.

The decision is not yet final. The court did not allow an appeal, but an application for an appeal can be submitted to the Higher Administrative Court.

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The process was not about the classification as a test case itself, but only about the question of whether the protection of the Constitution should have been allowed to publicly communicate this classification. This is a test case Thuringian AfD Long since no longer, but in the opinion of the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution, it is now definitely extremist.