The court rejects lawsuits against the Wedel coal-fired power plant

The administrative court in Schleswig dismissed several lawsuits by residents against the Wedel coal-fired power plant near Hamburg on Wednesday. The pollution caused by particle emissions was at best slightly above normal everyday pollution, according to a press release. They are therefore not to be regarded as a significant nuisance or disadvantage, which is a prerequisite for intervening against the power plant operator according to the law (file numbers: 6 A 237/20, 6 A 240/20, 6 A 242/20, 6 A 243/20, 6 A 244/20, 6 A 245/20 and 6 A 246/20).

Expert opinions obtained from the State Office for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Areas came to the conclusion that no damage to the environment or health from the power plant's particle emissions was to be expected. The reports were convincing and not adequately substantiated attacked by the plaintiffs, it said. Approval of the appeal against the seven judgments can be applied for at the Higher Administrative Court.