GAIA-X: European data infrastructure as a competitive advantage for domestic production

Vienna (OTS) - May 12, 2021 - Platform Industry 4.0 Austria and EIT Manufacturing discussed together with the Association of the Internet Industry Germany, Siemens AG Austria, Atos IT Solutions and Services GmbH and Tributech Solutions GmbH as part of the ViennaUP B2B Software Days about secure and trustworthy European data infrastructure and the importance of European data sharing and data spaces for industrial production.

GAIA-X is a European lead project for the development of an efficient and competitive as well as secure and trustworthy data infrastructure for Europe. The initiative is supported by representatives from business, science and administration on a European level and is also of great importance for Austria. The aim is to create a structure for data exchange according to European standards (security, data sovereignty, compliance guidelines, etc.) and thus enable companies in Europe to increase their competitiveness in the digital sector.

“It is already hard to imagine business without data. With GAIA-X, fair rules for data exchange are to be established in all 27 EU member states in order to build up a strong European data ecosystem - it is particularly important for SMEs to have clear rules here, ”emphasizes Roland Sommer, Managing Director of Plattform Industrie 4.0 Austria .

Importance for SMEs

The exchange of data within the company offers great added value, especially for smaller companies. A first step is to increase awareness of the need and potential for data exchange. Concrete use cases and applications can be used to show that data exchange is also becoming increasingly important economically. The workshop focused on innovative approaches, such as data rooms in the field of production technology. Predictive quality measurement, predictive maintenance and logistics applications are just some of the examples discussed in the workshop.

Strengthening value chains and relationships

GAIA-X offers the possibility to improve cooperation with suppliers and customers on the level of cross-company data exchange. For the export-oriented Austrian economy, GAIA-X is therefore a great opportunity to expand and secure existing business relationships and to establish new contacts. With the help of transparency and uniform standards, trust is created and the role of Austrian industry in global value chains is strengthened.

The workshop was organized by EIT Manufacturing, which connects the leading European actors in production within the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT), with the support of the Industrie 4.0 Austria platform, which brings together Austrian stakeholders from politics, business, science and employers. and the employee side to drive digitization forward.

In addition to the existing “National Hubs” within the framework of GAIA-X in Germany, France and Finland, additional hubs are currently being established. The focus of the hubs is to bundle national interests and to facilitate the development of use cases and data rooms. The discussants agreed that such a hub should also be set up in Austria.

Participants in the workshop: EIT Manufacturing - Data Sharing / GAIA-X - Advantages for SMEs?

  • Andreas Weiss, Head of Digital Business Models @eco Association of the Internet Industry Germany
  • Peter Kuen, Manager Austria & Government Relations @ EIT Manufacturing East
  • Harald Loos, Head of Corporate Technology @ Siemens AG Austria
  • Jordan Janeczko, CTO Global Client Innovation @ ATOS
  • Roland Sommer, Managing Director @ Platform I4.0 Austria
  • Alexander Sztatecsny, COO & Managing Partner @ tributech

Via the platform Industry 4.0 Austria

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