FW-Krenn: The federal government's 'comeback plan' is an oath of disclosure of planlessness

Kurz & Co keep quiet about the fact that it was not Corona that caused the crisis, but the measures taken by the federal government

Vienna (OTS) - “Little content, a lot of ambiguity and ultimately nothing tangible” recognizes the Federal Chairman of the Freedom Economy, WKO Vice-President Matthias Krenn, in the so-called “Comeback Plan” of the federal government. A main focus on job creation would be a priority if Kurz & Co did not hide the fact that they are not yet done with destroying jobs on a large scale. "The completely excessive work bans still in force for companies - and consequently their employees - have forced hundreds of thousands of jobs into short-time work or even destroyed them," Krenn recalls. There are currently no binding exit scenarios from the lockdown mania of the federal government, the destruction of jobs has not yet been completed. In addition, there is a risk of insolvency of tens of thousands more companies if the federal government does not quickly present acceptable solutions for the expiry of the granted deferrals of loans, fees, taxes and contributions.

"It was not Corona that caused the crisis, but the completely excessive measures of the federal government," explains Krenn. Gastronomy, hotel and leisure industries, on which hundreds of thousands of jobs depend, have been banned from work for almost half a year and there is no end in sight. Retailers and service providers close to the body would be sacked with planning uncertainty and surprise lockdowns, and customers' desire to consume would be permanently spoiled by difficult-to-acquire access scenarios. “You don't need any mysterious comeback plans now. What is needed now is a stop of the compulsory closings for companies that are demonstrably unable to prevent the spread of the corona, "says Krenn once again calling for all businesses to be unlocked immediately, if necessary under low-threshold conditions that are also attractive to customers.

Not only businesspeople, but also the population have a growing need for consumption and leisure. The federal government would have had the task of creating framework conditions that cause the least possible damage both with regard to the spread of corona and (economic) interests. “After a year of Corona, we have to realize that the federal government's fight against Corona is going slowly. On the other hand, she fought very successfully against the economy, the labor market and prosperity. Before there can be a comeback, the lockdowns have to end, ”Krenn calls for a binding plan to unlock all companies.

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