Friedrich Merz wants tax cuts: taxes eat up “a large part” of wages - WELT

Dhe CDU politician Friedrich Merz does not want to forego tax relief in the long term, despite the tight budget situation. The recipients of small and medium incomes should not be burdened with a "constantly growing tax burden" with wage increases, said Merz on Monday in Germany Radio. He also reiterated his party's call for the solidarity surcharge to be abolished for all. 

“Hardly anything is left of wage increases because social security contributions and taxes eat up a large part of the lower incomes,” said Merz. "And that needs to be corrected."

In addition, taxes for family companies in particular would have to be reduced “in the future”. Merz referred to a statement from the election manifesto of the CDU and CSU: "World leaders in tax burdens and world leaders in competitiveness, they do not go together in the long run."

The abolition of solos is long overdue

The abolition of the solidarity surcharge was long overdue anyway, said Merz: “This surcharge was earmarked. This purpose has been fulfilled and that is why this surcharge should have been abolished entirely and not just partially. ”That would then also relieve the pressure on partnerships, which are charged after income tax.

Merz admitted that he “currently sees no scope” for tax cuts - but this goal should not be lost “in perspective”.

Union chancellor candidate Armin Laschet (CDU) had ruled out tax cuts at the weekend for the time being. The "basic message" of the CDU and CSU election platform is: "No tax relief at the moment - we don't have the money", said Laschet on ARD. "It is not the time for tax relief." However, Laschet also reiterated the demand for a complete abolition of the solos.