France is preparing a law on compulsory vaccination

Delta variant dominates : France is preparing a law on compulsory vaccination

In France, not all nurses are vaccinated. The government wants that to change.

Head of state Emmanuel Macron wants to explain details of a possible new regulation on Monday.

Head of state Emmanuel Macron wants to explain details of a possible new regulation on Monday.Photo: Stephane De Sakutin / Reuters

In France, the first wave of holidays started on Saturday after the start of the summer holidays; in many places traffic was jammed on the motorways. However, the holiday season worries many politicians in the neighboring country.

If the French now populate the beaches en masse again or meet in other popular holiday regions, then at the latest after the return another corona wave in autumn. In France, too, the more contagious delta variant is now dominant.

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Next Monday, President Emmanuel Macron wants to address his compatriots in a televised address. He will probably remind you that, despite the comparatively low number of infections, the fight against the coronavirus has not yet been won.

The number of new infections is currently over 4000 per day - and the trend is rising. European Minister Clément Beaune has already advised Portugal and Spain to avoid as vacation destinations because of the higher incidences.

The government is also very concerned that the vaccination campaign is losing momentum. That is why the French government is working on a law that will make vaccination compulsory for certain professional groups. Above all, this could include health and nursing staff.

A general compulsory vaccination is also being considered

Although the risk of infection is high in the healthcare sector, many nurses are still unvaccinated. Just 57 percent of the employees in the nursing homes have so far received a vaccination.

The figure is 64 percent for staff in the clinics. On Friday, the government's scientific advisory board recommended an immediate one compulsory vaccination for all those who have contact with vulnerable groups such as the elderly.

But that's not all: The Advisory Board recommends that you think about a general vaccination requirement now. In this way, countermeasures can be taken in good time if the further course of the pandemic should require it.

Some municipalities are reintroducing the mask requirement

Before Macron comments on the details of a possible vaccination requirement for nurses, the so-called Defense Council meets - the body that has made all the relevant decisions to combat corona at national level since the beginning of the pandemic. At the municipalities, those responsible have already reacted to prevent a possible fourth corona wave.

For example, the mayor of Le Touquet in the north-east of the country reintroduced a mask requirement on particularly populated streets. The municipality on the English Channel is one of the popular tourist destinations. In Nice too, mouth and nose protection is now mandatory again in some areas. So the French can't go on vacation without a care.

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