FPÖ - Hauser zu Köstinger: The compensation for "Paragraph 28 companies" is far from sufficient!

Vienna (OTS) - "The compensation according to Paragraph 28 of the Income Tax Act for tourist landlords is far from sufficient, because these businesses have not received a cent to this day - that is a massive disadvantage," criticized the liberal tourism spokesman NAbg today. Mag. Gerald Hauser received an announcement from ÖVP Tourism Minister Köstinger.

“Now the private landlords get a 30 percent loss bonus for March and April and the 'Paragraf 28 Betriebe' only get a ten percent surcharge for these months. With this 10 percent surcharge on the cancellation bonus for March and April, the year-long disadvantage of 'Paragraph 28 companies', i.e. all those companies with more than ten beds that use Paragraph 28 of the Income Tax Act, is not even remotely compensated, "explained Hauser.

"If you consider that all commercial enterprises received a turnover replacement of 80 percent in November, this compensation for the 'Paragraph 28 companies' is not even a drop in the ocean. In any case, improvements in the scope of the compensation for the commercial enterprises must now be made quickly - we will continue to be active on this issue at parliamentary level, ”emphasized Hauser.

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